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Defund DCF

The DefundDCF movement is like the DefundthePolice Movement.   For years DCF/CPS has not been accountable for their genocide.   They refuse reform and with the courts and Federal Government they find more ways to destroy the American family.

We want to Defund them and if the government invests in anything it should be the immediate biological family.     Not replacement of biological parents with surrogate mothers and fathers. 

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We are a bunch of parents from Florida who started protesting.    The state of Florida believes children belong to the state.    They often kidnap the children from the parents and from the hospital.   

If they can and sometimes they do convince the police and State of Florida prosecutors to get involved they charge the biological parents, who have custody of the children with Felony Kidnapping, in which the Parents may face years of their life in prison.

It is a crime in Florida to have children if the state wants to steal the children from you.

These Children are often sold and human trafficked including sex trafficking and murdered as they do all over the USA.   They sell these children in secret civil courts as property to other shady people.    These secret courts are much the same copy of Nazi Germany which is why it is secret because it is considered by the United Nations as Genocide.

These programs are not just in Florida but the Federal Government funds them all over the USA.